Daniel Rotter Web Developer

Configuring nginx with php-fpm in kubernetes and the "File not found." error

tags nginx, php, docker, kubernetes
time 30 May 2023
It was not trivial to setup nginx with php-fpm to run in separate containers in kubernetes. Therefore I want to explain how I got it to work.

Some reasons for disliking react hooks

tags javascript, react
time 16 Jan 2022
React has introduced hooks to replace classes. Some people are huge fans, while I am a bit more skeptical. An explanation.

Use git submodules and make for simple code sharing

tags html, css, javascript, git, pandoc, graphviz, make
time 06 Mar 2021
Simple code often does not require complicated packaging mechanisms. Reusing established tools like Git and make seem perfect for this use case.

Code comments are (mostly) a violation of DRY

tags php, javascript, programming, documentation, dry
time 16 Jan 2021
Comments in code are quite often a code smell. Let's see what is suboptimal about comments and talk about some strategies to avoid them.

Automatic command execution on file changes with entr

tags cli, linux, php, testing, markdown, presentations
time 07 Oct 2020
Sometimes you want a command to be automatically executed as soon as a certain file changes. There is a small tool called entr, which helps with that.

Applying design patterns: The builder and factory pattern in a DI context

tags php, oop, symfony
time 24 Aug 2020
Creating objects is a very basic task. Although this seems like a simple problem, it can be improved by using patterns like builder and factory.

Understanding animated graphs in D3.js

tags javascript, d3js, visualization, svg
time 12 Jun 2020
Building a graph is a pretty straight forward task in D3.js, but I've had a hard time understanding how to update them. This is a try to explain why.

Typing in JavaScript - Flow vs. TypeScript

tags javascript, flow, typescript, typing
time 05 Jun 2020
There were two choices for static type checking in JavaScript - Flow and TypeScript. TypeScript is much more popular nowadays, but let's compare them anyway.

Execute commands for multiple files using fish

tags cli, fish, linux
time 13 May 2020
Quite often I want to execute the same command for multiple files. It is quite easy to achieve that using the fish shell, once you get the hang of it.

Finding used values of XML attributes using the command line

tags cli, xml, regex, linux
time 14 Apr 2020
I was refactoring a feature and wanted to know which options were used for a certain attribute in a XML file. I decided to level up my CLI skills for that.

Avoid z-indexes whenever possible

tags html, css, javascript, react
time 08 Apr 2020
Whenever I use z-indexes, I am going to regret it at some point, especially with libraries utilizing components. Let's see if we can avoid them all together.

Creating highly customizable HTML presentations with markdown and pandoc

tags presentations, html, markdown, pandoc, graphviz
time 28 Mar 2020
Presentations can be created using markdown, a plain file format. There are some available options, but let's see why it pays off to build your own solution.

Testing traits with non-public methods

tags php, testing, traits
time 10 Apr 2014
Testing a trait with PHPUnit is not that easy, especially if it only contains private methods. See how it can be achieved in this step by step introduction.

My Getting Things Done system in Wunderlist

tags productivity, wunderlist
time 07 Feb 2014
Building your own "Getting Things Done" system using a few simple tips, including some that will hopefully boost your productivity.